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  • NHS repeat prescription dispensing service
  • Private prescription dispensing service (prescription cost quoted before dispensing)
  • Free ordering of repeat prescriptions
  • New Medicine service
  • We dispense and give advice on over the counter medication.

We offer a professional and personalised service to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Have your NHS prescription automatically sent to Duncans Pharmacy in East Ham

Would you like to your prescription to be automatically sent to Duncans Pharmacy so you can collect it directly? It does not matter if you have a Boots or Lloyds Pharmacy prescription (it is easy to move), or a free prescription (we will never charge you if you are entitled to one), all you have to do is follow the steps below, and we will take care of the rest.

Please complete the nomination form online (click button below), or download and complete the paper form and then send it to:

FREE Prescription Collection and Delivery Service

3 Simple steps

We have a daily pick up service from all local surgeries.

  • Order your prescription as normal.

  • Let us know when your prescription will be ready either by phone (020 8472 1555) or by completing the adjacent form.

  • We will pick up your prescription, dispense it and have it ready for pick up at the pharmacy.

Prescription Request

Prescription Request

Prescription Apps and online ordering

The use of an app or an online platform makes life easier. Many systems will provide a quick and efficient way to order your repeat prescription online, without having to pop in to your GP and hand in a paper repeat. Many such apps and platforms will also allow more streamlined communication with your GP practice, for example to check test results or book appointments. Systmonline is one of many such systems which GPs are now turning to, but there are many others, each with their own advantages. In the age of an increasingly paperless society, where the vast majority of NHS prescriptions are issued in the form of an online prescription, there has never been a better time to order prescription online.

The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for patients to access a range of NHS services on their smartphones or tablet. When you order a prescription online, you can have your prescription sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice. This is called a nomination.
  • Use the NHS App to nominate Duncans Pharmacy.  We will then automatically receive your prescriptions until you change or remove your nomination
  • You can request repeat prescriptions through the app. If you have already nominated Duncans Pharmacy, prescriptions will be sent to us for collection.

The NHS App is free to download.

You can use it to nominate Duncans Pharmacy as the place to collect your orders.

NHS PRESCRIPTIONS - Frequently asked questions...

That’s easy: look on the internet, arrange for a pharmacy to receive your prescriptions electronically from your GP (see below). See how they do for yourself, and then stay with them or move to another pharmacy.

Of course, but you might do better to look for a “pharmacy near me” instead, as Pharmacists and Pharmacies are trying their best to move away from the image of being a “Chemist”, since prescriptions are only a part of what we do nowadays. 

In England, if you are given a repeat prescription for regular medication, then you need to arrange a convenient method for ordering a new repeat prescription before your medication runs out. This can be done in a number of ways. You can order your repeat prescriptions at Rushton Pharmacy, and we will track the progress of your order and have your prescription ready within 3 working days* of placing your order.

From experience, we know that patients who do choose an online pharmacy, such as Echo (who are owned by Lloyds), or Pharmacy2U, will often revert to our service, since ours is a personalised service that will inevitably be more reliable than one location using Royal Mail to deliver nationally, as most online pharmacies do. Such Pharmacies are also unable to assist with an emergency prescription on the odd occasion that you may have ordered late or the GP may not have produced the prescription on time. They are also generally unable to offer additional advice on the medicines dispensed and even on saving money on prescriptions costs through prepayment certificates, which we always offer at no extra charge.

*3 working days is an estimated time. We aim to complete the process in this time, but on 5-10% of occasions delays from GP surgeries may extend the time taken.

For many years, paper prescriptions have been declining to make way for electronic prescriptions, which are paperless. If you are given a paper prescription, for example from an NHS prescription, then by all means come and see us and we will dispense it. In all likelihood, especially if it comes from your GP, your prescription will be electronic and therefore paperless. It will be sent directly to your nominated pharmacy. You control the nomination, so you get to choose which pharmacy it will go to. 

You can ask a GP to nominate a pharmacy, or for a pharmacy to put a nomination in place on your behalf. Any nomination stands until it is cancelled, and your prescriptions will continue going to that pharmacy unless you decide to change that.

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